G&S will install, at no cost to you, a turnkey solar system on your property (rooftop, land, or parking lot). G&S Solar handles all aspects of the construction, financing, permitting, and operations and maintenance of the project.

All we need are signed interconnection documents, structural drawings, a letter of intent and a site lease agreement.

Solar panels are passive and have no moving parts; this means that photovoltaic systems are extremely reliable. As part of the operations and maintenance of the project, G&S installs a third-party monitoring company to monitor the system on a real-time basis. If there is any malfunction in the solar system, we immediately receive an alert from the monitoring system and will dispatch one of our technicians to fix the problem.

G&S is responsible for the maintenance of the system.

G&S will maintain the system because if it is broken or doesn’t produce electricity we do not earn a return on our investment.

You will have the option to extend the agreement. The system will still be producing energy and is still a valuable asset for your property. If you would like us to remove the system, we can do that as well.


The roof needs to be structurally sound to support solar. Our rooftop system is ballasted, so there are no penetrations to your roof. Furthermore, if the roof is still under warranty, G&S will work closely with the warranty company to make sure it stays in effect during the project’s term.

G&S will coordinate with your roofer to make sure the roofer has the space needed to fix the issue. Your roofer will have access to all parts of the roof and can maintain the roof as normal.


There will be no material changes to your parking spaces or access to your parking lot.

The carport has a built-in drainage management system which releases rainwater and snowmelt safely at ground level. G&S can work with you to develop a snow management plan that works for your site.

Our code-compliant carports are 14 feet high at their lowest point, and are taller than all commercial and emergency vehicles.

Our carports are equipped with code-compliant lighting, providing the illumination you need.

Our team has designed our carport systems to be both efficient and aesthetically pleasing! G&S can even customize the coating color according to your needs.


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